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Fat Loss

A lot of people keep on asking me, how to lose body fat ? How to get shredded ? What is the most beneficial training to uncover those muscles and make them visible ? My answer is simple ; start eating clean and do metabolic training and sprints. Aerobic training once considered to be superior for fat loss,as fat is the preferred fuel for low intensity activity.The body burns fat when free fatty acids are used for fuel. As exercise intensity increases ,the proportion of fat used for energy will decrease.Consequently,many trainers believe that intense conditioning drills are not effective for fat loss. Unfortunately ,those who focus solely on the fuel source used during the activity fail to consider what happens the rest of the day. What about the other 22 or 23 hours a day that you don’t spend exercising ? What does the body do during this period ? In fact,research confirms that fat loss is not dependent on the fuel source used during the activity.It is equally ( or more important ) to focus on the events that take place after the workout. Intense exercise sessions lead to significantly higher post exercise energy expenditure.Resting metabolic rate may remain elevated for many hours. Consequently,the body burns calories long after the workout. Science confirms that strenuous exercise will elevate postexercise metabolic rate for a prolonged period,which ultimately results in postexercise lipid oxidation.So,while little fat is burned during a short,intense conditioning workout, a significant amount is burned after the workout ( during the recovery period ) Whenever one considers optimal protocols for fat loss,it is essential to consider overall calories expended, rather than focusing solely on the energy source used during the actual session. Less intense exercise ( aerobic ) has much less of an effect on many fat loss contributors.One notable study compared the duration and magnitude of EPOC between resistance exercise and aerobic exercise.Both workouts were equal in duration and intensity.The results of the study confirmed that oxygen consumption was considerably higher following the resistance workout.Elevated oxygen consumption also continued for a longer time after the resistance workout. Additional research has noted a positive relationship between fat expenditure following intense exercise and growth hormone release.Growth hormone is known to influence lipolysis, the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells. Researchers in one recent study noted that “the increase in fat expenditure during recovery was directly related to GH release” Lastly (and perhaps most importantly),let’s not forget that the muscle built through strength training burns energy as well.Energy is used to build and maintain muscle. As mentioned earlier, if your conditioning plan leads to muscle loss,metabolic rate will suffer. Clearly,we want to build,or at least maintain muscle.Our conditioning plan must not interfere with this basic goal.



Bilateral versus unilateral movements.

First,some background on these terms.Bilateral exercises use both limbs to move a load,such as barbell squats,barbell bench press,and chin ups. if one limb pushes or pulls harder that the other,the load  will not move evenly. Unilateral exercises focus on each limb working independently of each other.This can be accomplished by either isolating one limb at a time or by using dumbbells or independent stack cables to push or pull with both limbs at the same time. Examples of these movements include exercises such as dumbbell shoulder presses,dumbbell bent-over rows, and lunges.In addition,when unilateral exercises are performed one limb at a time,they can be often elicit more core function due to the unbalanced state of the load. Examples of these type of unilateral exercises would be a one-arm dumbbell shoulder press or one-arm bent-over row.       Unilateral work enables to discover and address weaknesses and imbalances.These type of single-limb focusing can also greatly improve bilateral movement strength.These can prove to be very effective if you are seeking  improvement in exercises such as barbell squats,bench presses,and even pull-ups .To me,strength is not just the ability to bench press or squat a large amount of weight.Being strong also means having the muscular endurance that enables you to do body-weight exercises like dips,chin-ups,push-ups,or the balance and strength to complete a full one-leg pistol squat or hold a perfect core bridge for an extended period. This type of functional strength is very important for everyday activities and especially important for sports performance.By my definition of strength,the overweight guy who can bench-press 400 pounds yet not do a single chin-up is not strong at all; hi is a glaring example of what is wrong with many of today’s training philosophies.Agus

Caffeine Power

Can caffeine really boost sports performance ? Yes.Research shows that caffeine is ergogenic – it targets the brain and nervous system to resist fatigue during a workout. The key is using it correctly and not overdoing it,which can lead to jitters,anxiety,a racing heart,and trouble sleeping at night. The performance benefits max out at 3 grams of caffeine per kilogram ( 2.2 pounds ) of body weight. That means that 150- pound person could have around 200 milligrams of caffeine before or during activity to postpone fatigue.( That’s about the amount in a 16-ounce coffee from   a cafe,or two small cups of homemade,regular-strength coffee or tea ) Not everyone responds the same way,so test lesser amount first. Also factor in any earlier intake.coffe1Caffeine peaks in the bloodstream in 10 to 30 minutes,then is reduced by half within four hours ( also keep in mind that it’s mild diuretic ). If you had a morning coffee,you may only need a little bit to get a boost without side effects.

Body Weight Training

gymnastI always tell people that you have to train for the unknown – Not necessarily a sport or activity,but for all the demands of life.You might run across  the street really fast with a heavy bag in your hand or pick up a child from the floor.None of these relate to sitting under the bar for one set every five minutes. Body weight training activates your core and develops your proprioception ( sense of body in space ) so you’re better balanced and able to perform sudden moves. Body weight exercises deliver impressive results,they are great for people  who have limited time,space,and/or finance.Because the exercises are easy to do anywhere and require no equipment,they’re accessible to everyone. Variety is the key to keeping body-weight workouts stimulating to the mind as well the muscles.   That’s why today’s body-weight workouts aren’t about doing endless squats and planks. They’re about approaching training in an exciting way that keeps you – sometimes literally – on your toes.Nobody in the gym stops and claps for you when you toss another 10 pound plate on the leg press machine.But when you pull off a handstand push-up or a muscle-up,everyone stops and applauds.Train with your body weight,that’s your ultimate gym,you can take it with you anywhere you go.



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