Explore, Engage, ExperienceI now offer a few places for anyone,anywhere in the world in MMXPerformance Online Personal Training

I am pleased to offer a customized approach to fitness coaching, sports performance, and weight loss to a handful of people anywhere in the world who would most benefit from my unique approach. This is online personal training and nutrition coaching for people who want to become a high performance machine by improving athleticism while at the same time:

  • Building bigger muscles
  • Decreasing your body fat
  • Improving your sex drive
  • Working with a trusted and expert trainer
  • All at less than the cost of a trainer at your current gym.


I 100 % guarantee you will be stronger, leaner and more athletic with my personal training if:

  • you fill out the form below
  • qualify to speak with me via Skype
  • and you are accepted into the program ( Only a few spots are available…but my initial Skype consultation always
    free for those who qualify)

Here’s How:

Rather than putting together some pre-made program found on different websites that you regularly visit, I take time to get to know you, your exercise preference, weak points and trouble spots that are holding back progress. After our initial consultation, I use my many years of training and expertise to sit down to handcraft a custom program that fits your goals, your busy schedule, and your body.

I create a unique program that is 100% tailored for you. I am using advanced training software that has applications for Mac and Android devices, allowing you to take your workout with you with full video demonstrations, sets/reps, exercise instructions and intra-workout tracking. That means that although I’m not with you in-person, you’ll still get the same instructions my in-person clients receive, but on your schedule.

Weekly Skype calls to talk through issues you’re having with the training or diet.

Plus 24/7 email access to send me questions you may have.


Accountability tracking

Let’s face it — when you have someone watching over your workouts and constantly sending you massages of advice and encouragement you’re going to put your best effort forward and destroy every workout. Each day I get the summary of your workouts and any questions you have. I check in often and guide you the entire way.


Nutritional Guidance

We both know that to lose weight, gain muscles or improve your performance your nutrition must be on point. As a NASM-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist who has helped clients make massive transformations, I’ll help you every step of the way.


Why Online Personal training can work better for you?

  • It’s vastly more cost effective than one on one training
  • It’s not rare to see in-person training session run for $100 and more per hour.Online training is way more affordable.
  • You can train on your schedule (not mine) and have more time for yourself.
  • No need for workouts to be a set time limit. Get in, move at your own pace, and get out.
  • Your training is design and portable for you, you can look, track down, and track your workouts as you go.

Personal training is still personal whether it’s online or in person. I’m here to help you to evolve into the best version of you.

Information overload is a massive problem. Doing it yourself and searching for more information can be overwhelming, all the sites, articles, books is a recipe for failure.

  • Are you unhappy with your body and a little dissatisfied with your life?
  • Do you lack direction, clarity and motivation?
  • Are you confused, frustrated about nutrition and fitness?
  • Do you lack the confidence to do the things you really love?

Joining MMXPerformance online coaching means results. I will help you maximize your efficiency in the gym providing you with the tools to retake control of your body and your life. Each training program is build specifically to your body and your needs with the consideration for muscle imbalances that you may have. This approach will help you to train safely and efficiently ultimately leading you to success .

Your meal plan is design for You,to help you to get the body you want as fast as possible . Micro nutrient  profiles are broken down based on goals,activity and even photographs.Eating correctly is an education not a regime,I’ll teach you exactly what works for your own body. I will optimize your training and diet so you still live your life,while looking your best.


A few words from some Online Personal Training Clients:

«I contacted MMXPerformance after reading an article in a fitness magazine. Marcin has been absolutely amazing.He’s been constantly attentive,pushing me hard to achieve my goals and yet making me enjoying doing so.I can’t recommend him highly enough»

— Carlos Melendez, Austin,Tx


«As a personal Trainer I have a passion to get myself into the best possible physical shape and I’m not afraid to put the hard work and effort in to do so.Getting myself into good condition wasn’t enough, I wanted more which what led me to MMXPerformance Online Performance Training. Having known Marcin through our time working at the same commercial gym and hearing about his achievements I knew he would be the perfect  person to help me to achieve what I crave. Whenever he spoke to me I listened with intend, picking up useful tips here and there.

Now that I have been using MMXPerformance Online Personal Training services I have been able to utilize his vast knowledge extensively I could not be more happy with the quality and level of service I have been given. Everything has been laid out in exact detail ( just how I like it ) regarding training  and nutrition. Marcin has been extremely efficient in answering all of my emails ( of witch there have been many) Every time I have received a very fast and detailed response.He keeps in regular contact, requesting weekly updates which is very reassuring,showing that he cares about the progress of his clients.He emphases the fact that questioning is the way to progress to gain more knowledge and is always encouraging me to use his knowledge.

I’m more then satisfied with MMXPerformance and Marcin’s Online Personal Training services and would strongly recommend him to anyone,he is a testament to the quality of trainers you have»

— Paul Graham, Boston,Ma


Give yourself permission to evolve – start training !



MMXPerformance Coaching will provide the following:

  • A detailed  questionnaire to fill out that provides me with information to design a personalized program for you.
  • Video and picture support for demonstration of proper technique for any exercise or movement to ensure your safety.
  • Depending on which coaching package you select, programming that includes comprehensive warm up corrective exercise, strength training, flexibility, conditioning, help with your nutrition.
  • Weekly tips to re-take control of your life.


How effective is your current training program?

Has your body changed over the last 4 months? Or even couple of years? I’ve seen a lot of people repeating   the same workouts for months, years. I also see people jumping form workout to workout never getting good  at anything. It becomes habit, like brushing teeth before going to bed. A lack of variety never allows the body to change, while too much variety never allows you to get good at anything.

Let me do the planning and coaching for you, I charge depending on the coaching package you decided to go with. I have three separate packages, for every budget. Online Personal Training is a three-month commitment. It gives time for your body to change. Every month you’re going to have my attention through emails, and Skype for great results.


Apply for Coaching NOW – Action takers rule the world!


Please note: Not everybody is accepted for online personal training as spots fill up I can accept only a few of the applicants at a time to provide the best service.

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