Testimonials from my clients

Thank you for improving my life and the way I think about myself after losing over forty pounds. I’m  going to continue training with Marcin, who is a great motivator and a specialist at what he does.

— Damian Rowicki

Marcin, again where do I even start, you’ve trained me for these fights and I appreciate it very much ,because without that I wouldn’t be holding that belt around my waste.

You’ve played a major role in my life, you’ve been like father to me,  I look up to you like that way. I’ve grown so much from your wisdom so again thank you

— Ronald Agosto

Thank you for your guidance and motivation! NYC marathon mission accomplished!!!

You rock,  Marcin!!!

— Andrea Marroquin

Five years ago I made a decision to  become healthier and fit; part of what this task takes was joining a gym and of course eating healthy. Because I did not want this decision to be an impulse of few months but I wanted a life-long habit;
I decided to invest in a personal trainer. I started to see a few improvements in my body, I got stronger and I lived the way I was feeling, so I continued training with different personal trainers. After a few years I hit the plateau … None of my trainers were challenging me or making anything different for me so one day, I decided to try something new. A friend of mine recommended to try out Marcin Machula.

The first time we met for weight training, he completely surprised me. He showed me techniques that my seven previous trainers never did. My friend Claudia started training with us. We asked him if could prepare us for the Spartan race for April 12th, and he agreed. In six weeks our bodies completely transformed. We trained 3 times  a week and he got me to perform activities that in my life, I could not think possible . I felt so confident! On the race I did great in all obstacles!!! Thanks to his support and nutritional knowledge I have lost 12 pounds and I have gotten the best body that I ever had in my life .Marcin surprises every time in training, every session is challenging but fan . My  friend and I look  forward for his training. He is very supportive and cares for each of his clients with dedication. He is a trainer who makes things happen. I am more than thrilled to have chosen  Marcin as my coach.

— Martha Londono

Marcin Machula is not for everyone . My experience with Marcin is that he is all about results , and those results are achieved in direct relation to client’s level of commitment . Marcin utilizes both state of art training techniques as well as equally effective dietary guidelines , with both disciplines required for total body fitness and good health.

I started personal training with Marcin in Jun , three months later I was 45 lbs lighter and stronger that I’ve ever been . Training with Marcin has taught me not just what exercise to do but how to make sure I do them correctly . He not only makes sure that you are on the correct overall workout , but he also knows the small details , such as grip and stance, that can make a a big difference.


— Adam Lenart
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